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A Plus Tot Classes

The A Plus Gymnastics Upper Gym concept started out as an exciting and safe place for your preschool age child to experience gymnastics for the first time. All equipment is right-sized for the young athlete and stations and age appropriate activities are designed to enhance the aspects of safety and FUN for both you and your child. The children learn basic tumbling skills and experience the bars, beam, and mini-vault with skills they can achieve at this age. They will also work on coordination and muscle strengthening while being introduced to a structured environment where they can learn to take turns, follow directions, and sequence events through lots of fun obstacle courses and mazes. All of these things are happening every day in the Upper Gym, but as we grow, you will begin to see some of our beginner level girls and boys and even some of our competitive team groups making use of this room along with our Tots!


Parent Tot class is designed for children 18 months to 2.5 years of age. Class is done with assistance of a parent, relative, or friend, so that the child can learn with the comfort of knowing someone. This is also an opportunity for the parent to become familiar with gymnastic terminology, and basics that they can help their child learn. This is a great learning and bonding experience for both parent and child.  We have learned that every child is unique so while we use 2.5 years as a guideline, once your child is developmentally ready you may begin to phase out and allow them to participate with the instructor lead Tiny Tot class. 


Tiny Tots is designed for children 2.5 to 3.5 years old and is often ran in conjunction with our Parent Tot class. These children are without their parents, but parents do have the option of stepping in to assist as needed. For most of the students, this is their first structured environment, and the first time they are away from parents. Many students are shy and clingy for that first day. Relax if 
they do not participate much the first time you step out. Each week you will see an improvement, and normally after 3 or 4 weeks they run out for class ready to go. Every 8 weeks your child will receive a skill evaluation sheet so you may see their progress. Once they have passed their required skills in Tiny Tots they may move on to our next level called Mighty Tots.

Mighty Tots is designed for children 3.5 to 5 years old. Most of the children by this age have had some structured environment, or have been away from parents with an adult they are not familiar with. We still have some shyness from some of our students, but for the most part it passes quickly once they see all the "fun" stuff they get to do. Normally the first day of the child's class is learning that the gym and the teacher are fun. There may be children younger than 3.5 in this class, if they have already participated in the previous level and passed their skill evaluation sheet.  The class will learn basic tumbling skills on the floor, balance skills on 
the beam, strength moves on the bars, basic vaults on the mini vault system, basic jumps on the tumble track, and work on upper body strength and coordination. During the daytime when things are a little slower, we allow our Mighty Tots classes in the Main Gym. Evening class times however must be held in the Upper Gym for safety reasons. Every 8 weeks your child will receive a skill evaluation sheet for this level so that you may monitor progress.  Once they have passed their required skills in Mighty Tots, they will move to our Recreational Class Programs.  Girls will move on to Rockers, and boys will progress to Beginner Boys.

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