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Competitive Team Groups

Flip Stars Gymnastics Academy


Tryouts: April 29th 1am-1pm

April 25th and/or April 27th 5pm-6:30pm you are welcomed to come and participate in a pre-team practice. Our current pre-team kiddos will lead you through practice so you can get a feel of it. Free to those who are signed up for tryouts.



Flip Stars Academy's Pre-Team 


Preparing young gymnast, teaching the proper form/technique, growing in strength & 

flexibility for skills they need, understanding why we do things the way we do in gymnastics, 

more committed and more time dedicated to gymnastics skills and growth. 


Time frame for pre-team:

The Pre-Team is split into 3 seasons. Fall season August-December, Spring season January- May and the summer season will start in June and run through July. During the Summer Session we will be focused mostly on reaching the next level. 


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