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2019-2020 Non-Sanctioned Meet Schedule and Fees
Non-Sanctioned Meet Info

We host meets designed for ALL LEVELS of competitive and recreational gymnasts, including pre-team and class kids of all ages. They do not need to know the entire routines or have all the skills. Their coach will walk them through the routines and provide spotting as necessary. Scores are flashed (nothing less than a 4) and scores are based on how well they attempt the skills.  This is also an excellent opportunity for JO gymnasts to give that next level up a trial run!

Every event that your gymnast tries they will receive a participation award. If they try all the events they will receive an additional "All-Around" participation award or placement medal. Except for State Meet we only place the top 3 in each age division.

We try to keep our age divisions under 15 competitors per group. Gymnasts ages are based on OUR state meet and not the age they are at each competition or the age they will be for their respective levels in USAG.

It is a fun and enjoyable time for all involved!  For more information contact us.

Meet Forms

NS Meet Entry Form Judges Review
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