Girls Recreational Program

The first recreational gymnastics class level for girls is Rockers. Rockers is designed for girls 4-7 years of age who have either completed our Mighty Tot curriculum or are starting gymnastics for the first time. This is our Beginner Girls Gymnastics Class. Students are introduced to gymnastics terminology and basic skills on all Olympic events plus Trampoline.  Skill evaluations are completed every 8 weeks so that you can see your child's progress.

Our class progression for girls once Rocker skills are complete is:


Roller: Advanced Beginner (age 8 & up if starting new)

Leaper: Intermediate (by evaluation if starting new)

Swinger: Advanced Intermediate (by evaluation if starting new)

Glider: Advanced (by evaluation if starting new)


Parents are welcome to watch gymnastics classes from our 2nd floor open viewing area.