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Meet the gymnastics businesses!


Flip Stars Academy:

Hello! My name is Ms. Ashlee. I have taught gymnastics since 2018 and thoroughly enjoy working with young gymnasts. I have done gymnastics for about 10 years. One of the things I enjoy is not only working and explaining skills to new gymnasts but being able to show them the proper way to do the skill by demonstrating the skill myself. I find gymnasts can learn faster when they can see the goal of the skill they are being asked to attempt and learn. My favorite thing about coaching is beinga ble to be there biggest cheerleader! I look forward to meeting you and working with your young gymnast! 

Flip Stars Academy:

Hello, my name is Ms. Val. I have been a cheerleader for 11 years and am currently on a worlds team. I have coached cheerleading and gymnastics since 2017. I believe in loving what you do and working hard while you do it. My goal is not only for your kiddos to have fun but also to get stronger and meet their personal goals. I can't wait to help your children learn and grow! Thank you for allowing me to be part of their lives!

Flip Stars Academy:

Hello! My name is Ms. Kaylin. I've done cheer since I was 5 years old and been coaching for two years. I am super excited to work with these amazing athletes and help them grow!

Flip Stars Academy:

Hi! My name is Ms. Courtney and I'm a sophmore at Noblesville High School. I've been a gymnast for 12 years and on a team for half of that time. Currently I am a Xcel Platinum gymnast. I love the sport with my whole heart and am learning how to coach to hopefully become what my coaches were for me at a young age! I paint in my free time, as well as read, listen to music, and hang out with my sister!


Ms. Jennifer of Jennifer's Gymnastics:

I have taught in the area and here at the complex for over 30 years. Many of you know me as Miss Jennifer. I am excited to announce I have started my own gymnastics program at the Hamilton County Sports Complex! If you are not sure what level your son or daughter would be for one of my classes, feel free to email me at and I will be happy to guide you into your child’s appropriate class. You can also contact the gym or sign up online for a trial class! I look forward to seeing and working with you!

Ginger Profile Pic.jpg

Ms. Ginger's Gymnastics:
20+ Years of Coaching Gymnastics

I am a former all-American college gymnast from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 95’-00’, as well as a wife and mother of four children.  I grew up in southeastern Wisconsin and moved to the Indianapolis area in 2012.  I have been coaching gymnastics 20+ years. I’ve taught all levels including beginner to competitive classes with various age groups.    As a coach, my priority is safety, building self-esteem, progressing and having a lot of fun!   I can be strict, but I believe that comes from the nature of the sport and again my concern for safety.   My plan is to teach affordable advanced-level gymnastics without requiring a commitment to competition.  I can offer classes, private lessons for tumbling or a specific skill.  I have also done some choreography of floor and beam routines.  I’m excited to have this opportunity to continue to share my experience and passion with others.  Let’s go have some fun! 


Mr. Sawash's Gymnastics:

20+ Years of Coaching Gymnastics

Hello !! My name is Sawash, and I am originally from Iraq. I started gymnastics when I was 8 years old and fell in love with it. I eventually competed on the Iraqi National Team in 1993 and was sponsored by the Iraqi Gymnastics Federation to go to college and study Physical Education at Baghdad University. I have been coaching since 2000 and worked with many athletes and eventually trained the Iraqi national level team. As a coach, I prepped underprivileged gymnasts to participate in national and international meets, including world championships.

I have just started my own tumbling program at Hamilton Sports Complex with the intention of teaching all the skills needed to be an exceptional athlete. I am very excited and looking forward to coaching you to reach your full potential!

What others are saying...

“Great Summer Day Camp. Our son loved it!"
  - Jennifer J.
“My 2 boys are having a great time. Thank u.."
 - Courtney F.
"What a fun kids did not want to leave! Great deal! Would buy it again for sure."
 - Christine D.
"Great family fun"
 - Gina B.
"My kids had a great time. They had free run of the gymnastics area and played hard in the foam pits and trampolines. Wonderful exercise and activity for days when you can't be outside!"
 - Carolyn D.
"Lots to do, very family friendly!"
 - Jay E.
"Wonderful staff! Will definitely return with our chruch group!"
 - Elea H.
"Great place. Wish it were closer to our house!!"
 - Nadra W.
“Your entire staff, from parents night out, summer camp, front desk, and the coaches have just constantly been kind and accommodating to our family. Things are always explained clearly, my girls WANT to go to gymnastics. They love being there! I just can't sing enough praises for the family yet professional atmosphere. I hope we are with you a long time.”
 - Marti E.
“We visited the open gym time today and met Josh. What an amazing young man. His enthusiasm, his kindness, and care for the children is exemplary. He's a blast!  I just couldn't leave without telling you what a Gem you have with Josh!”
​  - Kiki T.
“...thank you to Sarah and especially Jenny!!! Jenny was the absolute best teacher and by far the most patient of any of the instructors at A Plus with that young age group!!!”

​  - Jodi M.

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